Our data shows that our students can:

Use a

Cooking Knife

Prior to taking our class only 12% of the students were able to use a cooking knife,  but 100% are able to do so after taking our class.

Prepare Recipes at Home

Prior to taking our class only 28% of students were able to prepare recipes at home,  but 100% are able to do so after taking our class.

Read a

Food Label

Prior to taking our class only 22% of students were able to understand and read a food label, but 63% are able to do so after taking our class.

Prior to taking our class only 26% of students were able to explain why certain foods are better than the others, but 100% are able to do so after our class.



To measure the success of our programs, Kids Cooking for Life collects data, both pre and post tests, as well as subjective stories, experiences, and interviews with both students and their 

parents and guardians. We achieve the following positive changes in students’ emotional well-being, knowledge of basic nutrition and attitude and literacy: The cooking classes significantly improves mindfulness and levels of perceived stress. 


In addition, students can cite an example of a healthy vegetable, know how to read an easy recipe, have the skill to make a healthy snack and choose foods that are healthy. They also learn where their food is grown and choose healthy snacks over the alternative as well as encourage their families and friends to adopt healthy cooking and eating habits.


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