Virtual cooking classes and weekly newsletters

Each week, we publish virtual hands-on cooking classes (posted on our Facebook page, with a link and recipe on our website) so that our students may follow along in their own kitchens. These lessons focus on ‘Quarantine cooking”, i.e. utilizing ingredients that one already has in the refrigerator or pantry to make delicious, wholesome foods. 


In addition, a newsletter including these videos is emailed to KC’s partners: every school principal, after-school coordinator, and PTA representative in charge of the school’s website. This information could potentially reach thousands of children (at 25 different schools and community centers), especially if classroom teachers insert our lessons  into their curriculum.

Please email info@kidscookingforlife.org to add your name to the distribution list.


Kitchen Conversion Chart

video link: watch Chef Beth's "Kitchen Measuring" at 



1 Tablespoon (Tbsp)=3 teaspoons (tsp)

2 Tbsp=1 ounce

1/4 cup=4 Tbsp

1/2 cup=8Tbsp

1 cup=16 Tbsp or 8 ounces

1 pint=2 cups


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